ACA Chapter Meeting Guide 

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Your ultimate guide to ACA Chapter Meetings

Are you considering joining an ACA Chapter or already part of one? Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate the ins and outs of ACA Chapters. These meetings offer opportunities for growth, learning, and connection. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your Chapter experience: 

What are ACA Chapters?

ACA Chapters are local meetings established by the ACA to provide members with valuable opportunities for professional development, supervision, networking, and support within their communities. Each Chapter serves as an opportunity for counsellors/counselling students to connect, learn, share knowledge, and enhance their skills in a supportive environment. 

The full 2024 Chapter Meeting Calendar can be viewed here.

Purpose of ACA Chapters

  1. Local Networking and Discussions: Chapters offer a space for members to meet, discuss industry topics, and share professional insights. Chapters allow members to build relationships with peers, supervisors, and industry experts.

2. Professional Development (PD): Access local PD sessions and develop your industry knowledge and skills. 

    • Chapter meetings accrue 3 OPD points, to claim OPD points for participating in a Chapter meeting, simply use your digital Trybooking ticket as evidence when uploading the session to your OPD Log on the ACA Membership Portal. For more information, watch this video guide. 
    • Convenors schedule and source speakers for PD sessions, aligning topics with industry standards. PD events occur during scheduled Chapter meetings, focusing on enhancing skills and knowledge.

3. Group Supervision: Some Chapters incorporate group supervision sessions, advancing your practice skills. Participate in group supervision sessions to receive constructive feedback and further your education. 

Online Chapter Meetings

For members residing over 100 km from a Chapter location, ACA facilitates monthly Zoom calls to ensure accessibility and engagement. Chapters available online are: 

  • ACA Regional & Rural Chapter 
  • ACA Korean Chapter 
  • ACA Brazilian Chapter 
  • ACA First Nations Chapter 

Costs and Administration

ACA manages venue bookings, event systems, financial transactions, and utilises the Trybooking ticketing system, with tickets ranging from $0 to $10. Please contact if you require a refund, assistance or help with ticketing. 

Attendance and Ticketing

All attendees are required to register via TryBooking in advance for Chapter meetings to ensure a streamlined entry process and accurate attendance tracking, essential for OPD points and administrative purposes, no payments accepted at the door. 

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