ACA Engages in Department of Health Scope of Practice Review

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The Australian Counselling Association was invited to participate in the Department of Health and Aged Care’s (DoHAC) Scope of Practice Review in early June. ACA CEO Jodie McKenzie represented the counselling and psychotherapy community of ACA in the last of the series of the series of public consultation.

The DoHAC is currently undertaking significant reviews around Scope of Practice and have identified emerging directions and options for reform for consideration. The final report is expected to be delivered in October 2024.

Considerations of this final report include workforce design, development and planning, legislation and regulation, and fund and payment policy. 

ACA was involved in discussions around the table with the Psychology Board, Nursing and Midwifery Board, CEO of NASRHP, Podiatry and Pharmacists Board.

“It was an engaging and meaningful discussion around the key topics and shaping the future of health care,” says McKenzie.

Read more about the Scope of Practice Review, ‘Unleashing the Potential of our Health Workforce’.

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