ACA Engages in One-on-One Consultation on National Standards Project

ACA CEO Jodie McKenzie recently attended a one-on-one stakeholder engagement session focused on developing National Standards for counsellors and psychotherapists, a project lead by the Department of Health and Aged Care. 

This discussion was a significant opportunity for ACA to influence and shape key decisions, contributing to the establishment of the highest standards in our profession.

“It was invaluable in reinforcing our collective commitment to excellence, integrity, and the advancement of mental health care. Together, we are creating a stronger, more unified future for counselling and psychotherapy,” said Ms McKenzie. 

ACA’s discussions emphasised the inclusion of our entire membership base, from those with Diploma qualifications upwards, mirroring models used in the UK and Ireland, as well as regulation of nurses in Australia.

Given the current mental health workforce shortage and the government’s priority to implement a Stepped Care Model, ACA recognises the need for diverse pathways and roles within the field. At ACA, we know there is a place for everyone. We are dedicated to advocating for parity with other mental health professions as we continue to strengthen our professional identity. 

Monthly collaborative meetings with ACA, the Department of Health and Aged Care, a third-party contractor and PACFA, are ongoing, ensuring continued progress and alignment with our goals.

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