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Subpoenas: What You Need To Know

A subpoena is an order by the court requiring the recipient (a person or legal entity) to attend court to give evidence, to produce documents or in some cases, to do both. If you have been served with a subpoena you have a legal obligation to produce the documents sought if they are available.

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Climate Change and Mental Health – What is Eco-anxiety?

Reading the news today is a recipe for anxiety: floods, bushfires, breakdowns in complex environmental systems, habitat loss and more populate our reading and remind ...
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Note-Taking: The Ins and Outs

Article from: Counselling Australia Journal: Volume 23: Number 1 – Autumn 2022 It is extremely important that professional supervisors have a good knowledge of what ...
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Mental Wellness in a Time of Crisis Recovery

Article from: Counselling Australia Journal: Volume 23: Number 2 – Winter 2022 By Melissa Marino Over the past 20 years in Australia, great gains have ...
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Reframing Autism and Understanding the Female Autism Phenotype

Article from: Counselling Australia Journal: Volume 22: Number 3 – Spring 2021 By Dr Jillian Stansfield The Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-5), ...
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You Are What You Eat – Exploring the Relationship Between Food and Mood

As featured in the Counselling Australia Journal Summer 2023, Vol 23 No 1. By Melissa Marino Healthy diet is now established as a key pillar ...
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Are My Notes Confidential?

As featured in the Counselling Australia Journal, Volume 24, Number 2. With thanks to Michael Lynch Lawyers. Professionals are often engaged to assist a party ...
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rainbow flag representing the LGBTIQA+ diversity

Counsellors Supporting LGBTIQA+ Individuals

May 17 is International Day Against LGBTQIA+ Discrimination, and marks the day that homosexuality was removed from the World Health Organisation’s register of diseases in ...
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Construction worker using tools

Our Partnership With Mates in Construction – Supporting Australian Construction Workers

Building a livelihood in industries such as construction, mining and industry can be the foundation for mateship, lifelong skills and a sense of purpose. Contributing ...
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Why Every School Should Have a Registered Counsellor

Children are some of our most precious individuals, and yet often the place where they spend most of their time learning is not supporting them ...
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Regional Australian community

Counsellors Working in Regional, Rural and Remote

While living in regional or rural Australia can be the most fulfilling experience of your life, accessing healthcare is difficult – as anyone who lives ...
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ACA Chapter Meeting Guide 

Your ultimate guide to ACA Chapter Meetings Are you considering joining an ACA Chapter or already part of one? Here’s a detailed guide to help ...
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Unlocking New Opportunities: ACA Registered Counsellors now eligible as Mental Health Practitioners in Victorian schools

Unlocking New Opportunities: ACA Registered Counsellors now eligible as Mental Health Practitioners in Victorian schools It is with great excitement we announce a development for ...
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Allied Health Digital Transformation Survey

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) in collaboration with the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) are working to ensure streamlined access and connection to digital ...
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Curtin Autism Research Group at Curtin University

Calling counsellors who work with autistic clients! You are invited to join us in a new research project conducted by the Curtin Autism Research Group ...
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Personalising Motivational Interviewing Survey with Western Sydney University

Research conducted by Western Sydney University aims to explore where and how Motivational Interviewing (MI) is being used with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. ...
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Lived Experiences of Counsellors with ADHD with the University of Canberra

The University of Canberra is conducting a research that investigates the lived experiences of counsellors with ADHD, exploring its impact on clinical practice. Qualitative data ...
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Media Releases

teen walking alone

Student Lives At Risk Over School Mental Health Policies 

While schools across Australia have unfilled vacancies for mental health practitioners, thousands of tertiary-qualified counsellors are available but are being shut out of the system.   ...
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Jodie McKenzie at the NHRA event

ACA Joins National Rural Health Alliance

In stride towards strengthening mental health support in rural regions, the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) is proud to announce its membership with the National Rural ...
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Member Spolight

Graduation ceremony

Part 4: Catherine Chen’s Post Graduation Journey–What life is like!

Recent weeks have been eventful for me, marked by attending the graduation ceremony and celebrating this significant milestone with loved ones. Around the same time, ...
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Karen Triggs

Sexology with Karen Triggs

Counselling Perspectives – Sexology: A Personal, Professional Perspective ACA Member, Karen Triggs, provides a detailed and firsthand account of sexology as a counselling profession. As ...
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Dean Mousad

Dean Mousad

Meet Dean Mousad, CEO at Invictus Solutions Each month we spotlight an ACA member in the ACA Monthly Bulletin, our monthly newsletter. The Member Spotlight ...
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academic hat and graduation certificate

Part 3: Catherine Chen’s Post Graduation Journey – What life is like!

Time has certainly flown by, and the recent weeks have been filled with lots of training and learning opportunities. During this time, I have been ...
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Dr Stephen O'Kane

Dr Stephen O’Kane

Meet Dr Stephen O’Kane, Family Violence and Relationships Counsellor Each month we spotlight an ACA member in the ACA Monthly Bulletin, our monthly newsletter. The ...
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students studying

Part 2: Catherine Chen’s Post Graduation Journey – What life is like!

Motivated by my deep interest in grief counselling, particularly within the compassionate realm of non-profit organisations, I’ve been looking for roles where I can offer ...
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