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Achala (Aaron) Gunasekara

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Aaron is the principal of ST KILDA PSYCHOTHERAPY. He has over 12+ years of boutique psychotherapy practice in the field of personality disorders, famly separation and expert witness reports for court purposes. He has a reputable name in the local community and strong affiliations with schools and government/legal professionals. ___________________________________________ST KILDA PSYCHOTHERAPY has specialist psychotherapy and counselling services in the Bayside area since 2011.Our vision is to establish genuine connections with children, families, couples and individuals to help them relieve the suffering, distress, and helplessness so as to enhance their physical, emotional and social well-being.Our story started in 2011 when we first started off with psychotherapy services to help children and families who were experiencing difficulties due to separation and divorce.Over the years, we have helped countless amounts of children and families through the most difficult times in their lives.Since then, we have made a healthy reputation for being the family and child counselling specialists in the area.In 2014, we catered to the people who wanted to know 'how' to do something as opposed to 'why' something happens. So, we kick started our specialist support services and it has been very popular every since.We have specialised knowledge in the areas of social confidence, dating, careers and stress which is an 8 module program which you can track towards the goal you want. ​ ​The most fulfilling part of what we do is building a genuine connection with people, and helping them to develop what they need so that they can face the challenges that life throws at them. We have always believed that getting help isn't just about the skills you develop, but also the relationship which you have as well.



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