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Many of my clients are exhausted from a life in which everyone else's needs have always been made more important than their own. From the earliest age, they weren't supported to have boundaries, and now find themselves struggling with self-esteem, low mood, anxiety, problems with keeping supportive friendships and partnerships alive, struggling to assert themselves at work or cope with professional demands, and feeling stuck in relationship dynamics in which they can't be their true self. They want to put their painful past behind them, and to have their needs recognised and allowed space going forward.I offer a warm, conversational approach that is grounded in Attachment science and utilises methods from Psychodynamic, Relational, and Emotionally-Focused therapies. It is flexible, responsive, and trauma informed, seeking to shape the pace together to make sure that we are not going too fast or too slow for what you can handle.If you’re ready to try and overcome any of the stuck points in your life, reach out to me for a conversation about how my approach might work for you. Together, we can find some answers and create meaningful change.


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