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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MEDIOCRE LIFE AND AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE IS KNOWING YOU ARE WORTHY OF SUPPORTHi, my name is Adria Ellis, I am a Therapeutic Counsellor with over 15 years’ experience working with people in a variety of different services including acupressure, coaching and counselling. I believe that awareness is empowerment, and I am passionate about supporting people in their struggle, and working with those that seek to change their lives and return to a state of wholeness. If you experieince Anxiety, depression, grief, loss, relationship conflict, self worth issues, trauma, and lack of direction then you will benefit from the kind, safe and nurturing presence I provide in my sessions.  My apporach combines a variety of different skilss to meet your immediate needs and long term goals. What is most important to me in a session is that you are gifted insight and skills to support you in your struggle and to empower you to return to a state of wholeness and peace.TREATMENT APPROACH :My counselling style combines techniques in Transpersonal psychology, Family Systems Theory, Person centred and Gestalt orientations. This means that all of you is considered in a session: – your body and mind,- your thoughts, feelings and behaviours- your past, present and future.Transpersonal counselling is centred on your spiritual aspects and how you are, and is combined with Family Systems theory of who you became in the family you grew up in. Therefore, during counselling Adria will ask you questions about your current struggle, family history and look at how it may relate to your current situation.I will also gently introduce intuitive and psycho-spiritual considerations, introduce you to empowering tools that can assist in resolving your current struggle and invite psycho-somatic awareness (mind/ body).Together, you will examine patterns in your life that you may like to change, look at the beliefs that drive your behaviour, and explore new options to live the life you desire.


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