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Alan Gunter

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English name: Alan Gunter Aboriginal names: Mindi Nyangu: Dream time of the southern cross connection with the goanna.Tjintu Kutju: Dream time of being one with the sun as it rises and provides light.Gudia Gudu: Dream time of being one with a specific tree in which is used for creating club’s and art affects.                                         Connection to country: Broongu – Traditional owner of Winbyn & Oak Valley of the Kokatha tribe (SA). Poobidi – Traditional owner of Tjuntjuntjara of the Kokatha & Nyutju tribes (WA).                                     Darcy – Traditional owner of Jumbun of the Jirrbal tribe (QLD).Languages: Pitjantjatjara, Yankuntjatjarra, Ngaatjatjarra & English.Cultural Lore status & experience: Wati Gibrha Warru Tjungi Tjuta practicing ceremonies of SA and WA central desert.Counselling – A counselling service is for all Aboriginal people, whether they’re from rural in terms of westernised with intergenerational traumas associated to the stolen generation process. Or remote in terms of traditional with language and cultural Lore associated barriers.Therapeutic Approaches – NOTE: All therapeutical approaches are tailored to meet the basis of the Aboriginal client’s needs of progressing through their core concerning issues, along with the contributing factors such as, environment, historical, and current occurrences that further triggers and enables the process of intergenerational trauma. Meeting the client at their individualised level holistically by utilising the following approaches:Stolen Generation/Missionary Processes (Coastal Australia) – Narrative therapy empowers individuals by recognizing their capacity to rewrite their narratives and create new meanings. It encourages them to shape their lives actively, making choices aligned with their values and aspirations. This increased sense of agency fosters a greater understanding of control and confidence.Traditional People (Central Australia) – Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of therapy that aims to change the thinking and responding processes, example. In order to understand the mainstreams expectations of behavior, teaching and implementing tools to draw upon to help cope with and manage problems they may face in their lives.Bereavement – The Person Centred approach often forms the basis of bereavement support. Founded by Carl Rogers, a basic premise is that we are all "becoming;" we are all moving towards self-actualisation. Rogers believed that each of us has the innate ability to reach our own unique full potential.Mental Health Recovery – Strengths-based approach can be helpful for many different presenting concerns. It can help boost self-esteem and confidence, and there is evidence that this approach can be beneficial for individuals with depression or anxiety. In addition, it can help individuals recovering from trauma.Experience (as of 2024): 18 Years of judicial and clinical interpreting, 16 Years of social and legal advocacy, and 13 years case management and interventional programs delivery.          



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