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“Follow your heart……. to the path of your dreams”  Written by Alastair Evans (Counsellor)Having qualified as a Counsellor in 2008, I am a kind, empathetic, supportive person, who has a huge passion for assisting you to achieve lasting growth in your life.The benefits of my Counselling service are as follows:1.       Assisting you to achieve positive and lasting change, while working through life’s challenges.2.       Gaining awareness and new perspectives of your emotions and understanding the reasons for your feelings, thinking and behaviors.3.       Being mindful of the impact of negative emotions and working through past trauma.4.       Gaining insight and being supported, in moving towards the person, you really want to be!!5.       Improving your relationships with others, and enhancing your self-awareness and mental wellbeing.I have experience and training in supporting people with depression, mental health issues, drug and alcohol addictions, disabilities and work-related injuries.In addition to emphatically supporting people who, have experienced domestic violence and were coping with grief, loss and trauma.With extensive counselling training and experience in the helping professionals, I have always approached new ventures in life with incredible optimism, and I have enthusiasm and passion for helping you to achieve the life changes you want.Thank you for reading this profile, I am located at Surry Hills (Close to Oxford Street) and Crows Nest (Pacific Highway), please contact me should your require any further information. 



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