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Hi, my name is Sandy** and I'm a registered counsellor in Australia and Malaysia (where I'm currently based). specialising in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I've received online training from its creator, Prof. Steven C. Hayes, and co-developer, Dr. Kelly G. Wilson.I'm also the author of 'Mindfulness and Emotions', a book published by MPH, Malaysia, in 2019.My areas of interest include anxiety, trauma, and grief; mindfulness, resilience, and post-traumatic growth.I have worked with clients who have experienced various issues from Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety and depression, to relationship problems, LGBT identity and stigma, career change, personal growth and development.If you're like me, you'll have experienced all kinds of challlenges throughout your life. Sometimes, you might wonder, "Why does life have to be this way?" or, "I don't want these feelings – I just want to be happy." This is understandable. After all, who wants to suffer? If we could choose what shows up, none of us would choose to feel unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Good mental health and wellbeing is about learning to deal with and adapt to whatever shows up in life. To enjoy the pleasures and blessings, we need to make room for the unpleasant stuff that comes along with them. (I recently read a line that sums this up: "To have the rose, we must have the thorn.")My approach to therapy centres on the idea that, life is often challenging, and sometimes it can feel downright unfair. And yet, despite all the difficult moments: the losses, the heartaches, the insecurities, and uncertainties, you’re still standing. Perhaps at this point you might feel like you’re just barely coping – I understand how that feels – and you just want whatever it is you’re going through to stop, so that you can live your life how you want to live it. While we can't change the nature of life (that it contains pain and suffering), what we can do is work together to figure out the important things in your life, and what holds you back from living the kind of life you want to lead. We’ll also work on what’s not working in your life right now, and develop evidence-based skills and strategies that will help you deal with life’s struggles and enable you to build the kind of life you want, driven by what matters most to you.Your past might have shaped you to this point, but it needn’t define who you are from this point on. From the first therapy session, you get to choose a new path for yourself, and it’ll be my privilege to help you map it out.**The name on my birth certificate is 'Alexander', and the Scottish shortening of this is 'Sandy', taken from 'xander'. Sometimes, I think it would have been easier if my parents had called me Dave. 



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