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Alison Dunbar

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Alison Dunbar Counselling and Therapy Services is a North Brisbane based service covering the south east of QLD. Alison is a highly accomplished counsellor with over 25 years experience in the counselling and educational field. She has gained extensive experience supporting young people and adults to achieve their optimum goals through various roles throughout her career such as: Guidance Counsellor, Senior Guidance Counsellor, Head of Special Education, Regional Guidance Officer Student Engagement and Wellbeing (Complex Case Manager) and Deputy Principal Inclusion in QLD State Schools. Services include: Individual and Family Counselling (with or without therapy dog); Positive Behavioural Support Planning and Targeted Group Work Interventions for clients aged 5 and upwards.Alison has worked extensively supporting individuals and families to positively manage the impact of disabilities such as ASD, Intellectual Disability, ADHD; Mental Health concerns such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, school refusal, grief and loss, complex trauma and those managing life’s challenges such as: difficult relationships, social skills and social isolation. She has assisted families by advocating strongly to approach support planning from a client centred perspective. Alison’s services include:Individual and Family Counselling (with or without therapy dog) utilising various methodologies to compliment clinet preferences;Positive Behavioural Support Planning (FBA informed practice and Positive behaviour Support), with adherence to restrictive practices protocols and observing client’s rights and dignity, including risk management analysis.Completing Various Clinical assessments such as: WIAT, Depression and Anxiety Scales, Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales, Tests of Educational Achievement, Autistic Spectrum Rating Scales etc.Parenting support and impacts of having a child with a disabilitySupporting parents to understand their child’s disability and the impacts on family functioningLiaising with medica teams to ensure monitoring and appropriate management of prescribed medication within a complex case management model.Family brake down and managing the impacts and supporting positive communication with all parties to gain best outcomes.        Targeted Group Work Interventions for clients aged 5 and upwards.She is client focussed and enjoys collaborating with specialist teams to provide wrap around support for her clients. 



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