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Counselling is a good option if you have a difficult or distressing issue in your personal or work life that may be, for example, causing you to ruminate on your past, be angry, overwhelmed or demoralised in your present, worried for your future and you feel that you don’t have any good options for how to change your current situation. Counselling may also help if you are struggling with low self-esteem, if you are sad, anxious or depressed, or concerned about your relationships.As a skilled practitioner, I will assist you to identify your core beliefs, values, and strengths, and to appreciate your own insights and learn how this knowledge will equip you to implement relevant coping strategies, tools and skills. My overarching aim is to help you to recognise that you do have the capacity to live a mentally healthy, fulfilling life.If you make an appointment to see me, I will encourage you to talk, to share your thoughts as well as your feelings about the current situation or issue that is troubling you. I will listen to you non-judgementally, help you to identify and understand how the situation or issue is affecting you and your relationships in your everyday life. 


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