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My name is Amanda Jean Filleul, a counsellor, visual artist and trainee art therapist from Melbourne, Victoria.I believe that everyone has the inner resources to find peace in their mind, calmness in their body and fulfillment in spirit. The power of being present and mindful in every moment of one’s life experience is the key to being balanced and fulfilled. Most of the suffering we experience is caused by the ego disrupting our energy to varying degrees via our thoughts, in which we ruminate on the past, become anxious about the future, hold on to painful experiences, and think that lasting contentment and fulfillment is reached through the acquirement of material items or the achievement of goals.              The journey towards wholeness and being present is the journey towards enlightenment, our innate god given nature. An individual can go through the darkest of experiences affecting the mind, body and soul, and come out the other side if they truly find, in their depths the will and the love to keep striving towards wholeness within themselves. I am here to support you in your journey, helping you find your individual expression, healing, peace, and purpose.There are many factors that determine whether this process will be easy or hard, such as how much pain and suffering you have experienced developmentally, and/or throughout your life journey, how aware you are of the reality of your mind, causes of suffering, emotions, attachments, and behavioral patterns.I am here to listen to you, engage in dialogue, explore your story and feelings, and guide you through this process of transformation, teaching you tips and techniques for quieting your thoughts, letting go of the past, eradicate anxieties concerning the future, helping you to find fulfillment through presence and discover your own potential.As a young adult I experienced pain and suffering brought about by dysfunction of my metabolic processes and muscles. In short, this affected my energy levels, senses, cognition, balance, general wellbeing, and primarily the muscles of my face, eyes, legs. I did not understand why I had to endure such pain and suffering in my body, because without a functioning body and inadequate use of your senses, it is extremely difficult to relate and experience the world as one should. This dysfunction in the body combined with the dysfunctional family dynamics in which I was raised, made this period an extremely traumatic period. However, through medication, diet, supplements, will, and the power of "God" which I view as "light" I slowly began to heal. I underwent a major transformation of the mind, body and soul that I endured from my early teenage years all the way through to my early adulthood.Today, I barely recognise myself, I function at my fullest every day, and continue to strive forward. It has been nothing short of a miracle. However, through all this, I had an inner awareness of spirit, art, and my dreams giving me hope, purpose and an outlet when times were dark, carrying me through the years into the power of presence I now behold. It is because of these experiences that I am passionate about soul development and helping others, through exploring dreams, the unconscious and teaching mindfulness, as I believe that there is a healing capacity that we all behold, and a god-like state of presence that we all can reach.My educational background includes a Diploma and Bachelor of Visual Arts, a dual certificate in Aged and Home & Community Care with a Post Graduate Diploma in Pastoral Counselling. I am actively furthering my professional development and education through studying a Master of Art Therapy at Latrobe University, part time.In addition to this, I have over ten years’ experience facilitating and co-facilitating social support groups and programs, with art being my primary speciality within the fields of disability, mental health and community aged care, where I have had the priviledge to work with Holocaust survivors and other culturally diverse particpants. I currently work as a disability practice leader, supporting NDIS participants and disability support workers within their roles, providing particpants with daily living support. 


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