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Amanda Robinson

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  Why I became a Counsellor:Years ago I experienced the perfect triad of major life traumas. I was isolated and vulnerable having only months previously moved from the other side of the world. These cumulative traumatic experiences left me unwell, feeling broken and defeated. I was extremely fortunate to have found an amazing counsellor.My goal when I entered counselling was to get back to who I was before the trauma but Counselling did so much more than that. Counselling helped me to put the  pieces of myself  back together in such a way that I was stronger and much more self-aware than ever. I experienced  post traumatic growth and gained valuable insight  that I could never have attained any other way, insight that I am so grateful for today as a counsellor myself. My counsellor gave me the support and skills to build the healthy,meaningful and balanced life I dreamed of. This was a beautiful gift that I wanted to be able to give to others. Whatever you are experiencing, I’m here to listen without judgement in a safe, empathic, supportive  and confidential environment. Help you navigate through  issues you may be facing  and   walk by your side, to support your  progress towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life.I utilise an integrated therapeutic approach including therapies such as ACT, CBT, Solution Focused and Mindfullness.     



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