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Amy Baillie

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Amy is a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist (click here to find out more about Synergetic Play Therapy)  with a background in Education and additional needs.Amy has spent many years guiding others in positive and effective ways to support kids who have disabilities and additional needs. She has taught Education Support courses for many higher education providers including through Independent Schools Victoria. She has expertise in working with children with intellectual disabilities, developmental delays, physical disabilities, behavioural challenges and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Her teachings focused on addressing the social and emotional needs of students to enable them to engage more fully in all areas of school life.In 2018 Amy completed her Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy and went on to subsequently complete a Diploma in Counselling and Certification in Synergetic Play Therapy. She fell in love with the way that Play Therapy presents the opportunity for kids to tell their story, integrate their experiences and heal. She loves the ability to work with kids and see them emerge from their Play Therapy journey, resilient, thriving and with a renewed sense of their authentic self and their self-worth.As a synergetic play therapist Amy works with children, through play, on building the ability to regulate emotional energy and the ability to understand and manage how emotion flows within and through the child’s nervous system. She sees understanding a child’s dysregulation and regulation as the core to therapeutic work. Together, in sessions, the what and why of sensations, emotions and behaviour, as well as new ways of responding to the world are all explored.Throughout the child’s play therapy journey, Amy also loves working closely with parents. She enjoys collaboratively diving deeper into the child’s experience and exploring what research in neuroscience can reveal about the child’s behaviour.Through learning new information about the brain, she supports parents to make sense of their child’s world and the types of responses that may be more or less effective when challenges arise at home.



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