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Andrew Whitehead

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Each of us in our own lives experience times when things get a little complex and difficult to move through. Sometimes talking it through with an independent person outside of these tribulations can help. I became a counsellor as I felt that men were under-serviced in these areas when they sought to talk, partly because I've been there and experienced this myself.Besides available for independant 1 on 1 counselling via ZOOM, I am also currently a Counsellor and Co-facilitator associated with the Heavy M.E.T.A.L. Group, Mens Behavioural Change Programme. Also I continue to expand my understandings of various forms of therapies and modalities and continuing to add to my understandings in Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Addictions and Abuse. I have also studied and certified in Family Law Counselling.Me, in my past, I've been a sportsman, labourer, builder, salesman, artist and musician, and worked both independently and part of a team and through these pursuits met many people from many cultures, consequently being involved with and witnessing a variety of the different sides of society and people. Now in my sixties, father to children for over thirty years, losing dear family and friends to various mortalities, accepting limitations to work and play with an accumulation of permanent injuries, seeing firsthand the devastation of substance abuse to close ones and assisting them through recovery, living the complexities of relationships positive and negative, and through these experiences coming to terms with not only limitations in these areas but seeing the possibilities for change, and being respectful of others. Listening and helping where I can, as we are all worthy and unique.

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