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Angela Bennett

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I've always been a good listener: accepting, empathetic, encouraging. But 15 years ago I was sitting in a hospital waiting room with my mother in law, waiting to see yet another doctor for some more bad news about her terminal illness, and I realised that there was nothing in the world to me that felt more important — that supporting her during this intense time was fulfilling to me in ways that nothing else was. That was where I discovered that I needed to be working more directly supporting people in crisis.At the same time, I didn't have much in the way of support myself, and so on the advice of a friend I went outside my comfort zone, began exploring mindfulness and meditation, living with more presence, listening to buddhist dharma talks & reading taoist texts.The experience absolutely changed my life, propelling  me to gain my Bachelor of Counselling (and now my pursue my masters), and change my career to be a full time counsellor and therapist.My typical client is someone who is struggling with a life crisis or is dissatisfied with an aspect of their life, who is challenged by overwhelm and feeling stuck, unable to move forward to their goals. I help them by providing a safe space where they can be empowered to explore, learn new skills, and get themselves moving.I work primarily with people online via telehealth sessions, which can be booked (first is free!) through my website,


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