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Angela Kirby

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I have been in private practice for 22 years as a Transpersonal Art Therapist and Counsellor working with adults and children in the mental health field. I conduct regular workshops privately and within the public sector, centred on health, healing and well being. I have worked in the field of addiction treatment in two business’s, one for 12 months as Second in Charge Therapist and Counsellor, and the other I contracted for a few hours a week as a Transpersonal Art Therapist. In the first position my responsibilities were to oversee and work within a group of up to 15 clients working alongside the manager with daily programs. I provided workshops that I wrote and directed solely within the group. I also worked one on one with each client utilizing a variety of therapeutic processes to help them gain more of a sense of autonomy and purpose in their life in readiness to leave the clinic. As we were often working with multi-generational family dysfunctions, education to support them move forward in their lives, without the endless victim continuum. This included understanding their dis-ease of addiction. I have had positions as teacher of the Community Welfare Diploma entailed working with students, predominately from India and a few from China and Malaysia. I taught Administration, Communication, Co Ordinate the Work Place, Develop New Networks, Reflect and Improve upon Professional Practice, Meet Statutory and Organisational Information Requirements, Occupational Health and Safety and Policy. I also took them through a variety of creative exercises as a means of showing ways to deal with clients as well as calming themself. I have also been invited as a contracted lecturer twice at Endeavour College teaching Communication and Counselling.



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