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Angela Knop

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Angela has a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and is a formally bachelor qualified and registered Acupuncturist with a second post graduate degree in Medicines Management. A broad range of clientele are seen by this clinic including elderly, adults, young adults, teens and children. She enjoys assisting all with their unique issues ranging from acute injury or illness, through to chronic and complex issues and particularly mental health issues including anxiety and depression.  Angela has first-hand understanding of the challenges which a diagnosis of anxiety or depression can present to the individual, and as such has been well positioned to understand the day to day impacts of such conditions. She helps her clients with support and to navigate, manage or overcome these feelings. She also works as a crisis support Counsellor and has voluntary experience as a Crisis Supporter with Lifeline, as well as a Youth Mentor with YMCA supporting adolescents from 12 years old. She works clinically with young adults through to late 20’s, and adults of all ages. Neurodiverse relationships – Specialised understanding/counselling is also provided to neurotypical (NT) partners of/and those who are on the autistic spectrum (ASD) diagnosed or undiagnosed.



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