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Anita Marie Turnbull

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When life becomes overwhelming it has the potential to negatively impact our mental health. Not everyone is able to handle life stressors alone, and that is perfectly normal. We have all faced and continue to face significant challenges in this world.I recognise that there is an overwhelming need for support in the community, and I have a strong passion for assisting people to learn more about their experiences, to develop ways to move forward, and be their best possible selves. I take pride in offering counselling that welcomes people to be themselves, to feel comfortable, and to feel safe. I endeavour to provide unique sessions filled with respect, kindness, compassion, and humour.My counselling approaches are drawn from my education which includes a Bachelor's Degree in Counselling, Psychotherapy Trauma-Informed Practice, EMDR, and Cognitive-Behavioural and Root-Cause Therapy. I am an accredited Level 2 Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association. I also have lived experience which enables me to empathise and connect with people in a meaningful way. I am qualified to assist with a range of issues: however, I do have a particular interest in assisting people heal after trauma, accidents, domestic violence, attempted suicide, and grief and loss – including victim impact support. I also have a strong interest in supporting people with gender affirmation and sexuality.Please contact me to make an appointment, or to have a chat with me if you are still deciding whether counselling is for you.  It is important to me to develop therapeutic relationships embodied by honesty and trust whilst working within professional ethical guidelines. 


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