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Ankica Djuric

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 l am counselor & psychotherapist who loves to help people to build on their life skills, to improve their relationships and communication, make important changes and reach their realistic goals. Life itself could be constant struggle, changes are eminent and adjustments could take times.I am offering counseling sessions through online (zoom, Skype and etc) and phone conversation.I believe that our past helped on how we see the world. While our past is very important part of who we are, we cannot change it; what we could do we could learn from our past experiences and build much happier future and relationships. Our experience helps us to build on resilient skills, so we could find different ways to cope when we encounter life challenges.Balancing job, family, friendships and other important and less important life duties could be difficult and sometimes could be seen as impossible process; however with help nothing is impossible.I have an extensive experience working with young people, adults, and individuals.I am also very committed to help couples when they come across difficult tasks, relationships and communication issues. It is never to late to reach for help, build resilience, improve copying skills, and continue to live your life to the fullest expectations.         



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