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Anne Logan

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Please let me introduce myself. I am Anne Logan a part time licensed professional counsellor and family therapist. I have been practising for 9 years in my own practice. I have 5 degrees including a Master of Counselling and a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) degree.When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. Anne has experience working in a community centre as a volunteer counsellor for the Salvation Army at Lawnton centre. She also has experience working with children and holds a blue card for working with children. Anne has a passion for working with children with learning disorders and ADHD. During my Bachelor of Behavioural science degree studied advanced drug and alcohol therapy, addiction therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and advanced therapies during my Master’s degree.Anne is currently working in her own practice and also contracts to Converge International for employment Assist Program (EAP) work.



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