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Annemie Hamilton believes in a compassionate, client-centered approach to therapy. She has been providing family counseling and mediation for more than ten years, and the community holds her in the highest regard. With her expertise in child consulting, Annemie makes sure that kids’ opinions are heard and taken into account when family mediation is taking place. Her in-depth understanding of child development and family dynamics enables her to offer creative advice, especially in reunification and repairing strained relationships.With
decades of experience working in the early childhood field both locally and
internationally, Annemie has a strong foundation and knows how to navigate the
difficulties that come with family and youth counselling. She has experience
working in corporate settings, private practices, and non-profit organisations.
She approaches her work with compassion, and her abundance of practical
experience helps individuals and families move forward and rediscover joy.Her
methodical and encouraging approach to conflict resolution enables parties to
advance amicably, encouraging compromise and constructive adjustments. Drawing
from her own personal life experiences, a strong educational foundation, and
advanced knowledge, Annemie’s approach guarantees that each client receives
individualised and efficient support.Annemie is committed to supporting families through challenging times, working together to create a brighter, more harmonious future. ·       
DIP. Professional Counsellor (with Majors in Child Development, Effective Parenting and Relationship Counselling)·       
National Accredited Mediator | NMAS·       
ACA Membership (member Australian Counselling
Grad. DIP Family Dispute Resolution
Practitioner | FDRP.·       
DIP. Early Childhood and Education·       
Xero Accredited Advisor 



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