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Annette Balk

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I offer counseling sessions both in-person and online, as well as over the phone, using a person-centered approach aimed at empowering individuals and providing a safe space for genuine listening and guidance. With a diverse background and extensive training, I specialize in addressing stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, loss, addiction, and issues related to children, adolescents, cultural differences, sexuality, gender, eating disorders, and neurodiversity.In my counseling practice, I incorporate mindfulness and self-compassion techniques to promote overall well-being. Regardless of age, I adopt a collaborative, trauma-informed, and client-centered approach, prioritizing the individual's needs. Whether you're familiar with counseling or it's your first time seeking support, I encourage you to reach out for assistance. My goal is to provide a supportive and understanding environment where you can comfortably share your experiences and find your path forward.


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