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Annette Sollom

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Completed Bachelor of Counselling, Minor in Child Services. Academic Achievement Award and obtained a GPA pf 6.05/7.Have previously been employed in Real Estate, Admin in Law forms in Sydney. Owned my own business and retail experience.Held position of Counsellor working full-time for Wellways Australia on the Sunshine Coast from April 2019 – October 2022.In this roll I was counselling Carers who were providing care for husbands, partners and/or family members who were ill.  These illnesses included people who were terminally, suffering from Dementia , Cancer or mental illlness of many types.  Clients were also parents of neurodivergent children, family members or parents.  My role therefore involved  clients of all ages from the elderly to small children, caring for or in a family with parents or siblings who were not well.During this time my Counselling skills included trauma informed care, solution focussed, narrative and always with a person centred approach.  There was often a need to address assertiveness skills and self worth to increase self confidence. If at any time I was unsure of the approach required I would conduct personal research and use my fortnightly Supervision to address same.I have now successfuly comleted the RISE UP Train ing Program in Professional Individual and Group Supervision  Counselling Supervision Course with RISE UP on the 2nd – 4th November 2023, with Tracey Milton – see Certificate of Attainent.    


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