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Audrey Minorgan

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Audrey has extensive experience working in schools as an experienced and energetic teacher and registered counsellor. She is passionate about working with youth and aspires to enhance the well-being and resilience of clients. Audrey is trained in a number of evidence-based therapies such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Play and Art Therapy. Audrey is client-focused, striving to establish a positive rapport with the client, providing a safe, non-judgmental space to encourage a therapeutic relationship. She aims to provide a safe environment where clients are individually and holistically treated with empathy and unconditional positive regard. Audrey collaborates with them to help develop the skills they need to overcome their specific obstacles and reach the objectives they set for themselves. She is a firm believer in lifelong learning and is constantly on the lookout for new evidence-based practices and interventions to incorporate into her behaviour support plans and counselling interventions.

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