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Azelene Williams

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In addition to being a wife and mother, Azelene is a highly passionate, people-centred professional, who has acquired over nine years’ experience delivering community programs and services. Inspired by her own personal traumatic experiences, she is determined to pursue social justice whilst supporting individuals to build their confidence, capabilities, and skillset in achieving desired outcomes from their own fear to freedom.Azelene is an internationally published author, a registered Holistic Counsellor, and has completed a Bachelor of Social Work at ECU in 2020.  She uses her lived experience and theory related to Family and Domestic Violence to educate others.She shook the hands of many politicians including Australia’s current Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.In 2018 she was a guest at the Lodge in Canberra, the primary official residence of the Prime Minister of Australia. She has visited Parliament House in Perth and in Canberra as a guest of Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash, Attorney-General of Australia and Minister for Industrial Relations.Azelene has been interviewed on Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10, SBS and ABC TV and most of the well-known radio stations and newspapers, nationally and internationally as the CEO and Co-founder of Kidzucate. Media Page: has spoken and delivered programs in schools, universities, organisations, corporate companies and events, locally and internationally.  She has set up a charity from scratch and organised amazing fundraisers over the years.Highly regarded both off and online, her friends and followers describe Azelene as inspirational, particularly her expertise at empowering men, women and children all over the world.  They say;  “Azelene is a kind-hearted, pro-active and honest person, who is creating opportunities for people she advocates for who see no hope”.The Author of 4 published books, Azelene has received numerous awards and nominations over the years. Azelene’s passion is to educate teens and adults about:Healthy relationshipsHow to identify an abusive relationshipPutting strategies in place to break freeProvide them with information on appropriate support servicesShe has proven success in developing strong, trusting relationships with individuals from diverse age groups, organisational levels, cultural heritages, and socio-economic backgrounds by combining exceptional communication, interpersonal and mediation skills with industry-leading therapeutic methodologies. As a social activist,  Azelene is determined to make a positive impact on individuals and in communities. Originally from South Africa, Azelene lived in the Middle East before settling in Perth, Western Australia in 2011 with her husband and daughter.As a teenager, after experiencing three and a half years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her boyfriend (her first romantic relationship), Azelene came out a much stronger person whose life’s ambition as an activist, in the field of domestic and family violence, is to have a positive impact on both today’s and future generations. Azelene’s message to men, women and children who are touched by domestic and family violence is: “Do not ignore the warning signsSpeak up and never lose hope Somewhere out there, there is always someone you can trust, who will listen and who will believe you. Be kind to yourselfGet help and get out! There is NO excuse for any form of abuse Violence and abuse in an intimate partner or personal relationship are NOT your fault The person abusing you is doing it because they chose to do so.  It’s not because they were triggered by anything you said or did. I know it’s scary to leave and I know it’s dangerous.  However, with the right support, you will get through it”. 



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