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Alternative Care is certified by the NDIS within the registeration group of 0128 Therapuetic Supports to provide counselling for individuals who have lived experience of disability both physically and cognitively.Alternative Care supports indiviudals to reflect and explore their lived experiences. The counselling process allows individuals to:promote the capacity to respond and adjust to the experience of disability;reflect the persons belief of their experience both physically and mentally;support mental health by responding positively to experienced health issues;develop, strengthen and maintain resiliency;develop and maintain the use of proactive language;develop and support self-advocacy skills;address complex barriers both internal and external;identify and access resources;identify short and long term goals; andpromote relationships within family and social networks.Alternative Care staff may provide counselling support in an individuals chosen environment that meets their specific sensory or control needs.Group counselling is available for tenancy arrangements within disability accommodation sector to promote the:resiliency of the relationships within the tenancy arrangement;negiotation, development, and maintenance of appropriate boundaries;working relationships with household staff to meet individual and household goals; andnegiotiation of functionality of household routines.Counselling is available within the northern region suburbs of the Brisbane area.  Locations to meet sensory needs are negiotable.Fees are relevant to current NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits.


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