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Belinda Salan

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Belinda is a counsellor with a unique background as a personal trainer, enhancing her therapeutic approach with a holistic perspective. As a mother to neurodiverse young adults and a teenager, she integrates empathy and understanding into her practice.Services Offered:Belinda's client-centered counselling focuses on recognising and addressing your distinct needs and life experiences. Her expertise encompasses adult personal development, supporting parents through the intricacies of raising children with additional needs, and supporting teenagers through their unique challenges.Areas of interest: 1. Women's Empowerment: Experience transformative counselling that fosters self-confidence and resilience, tailored to your individual path.2. Parenting Support: Gain insights and compassionate support in parenting, with a special focus on families with neurodiverse children.3. Teen Counselling: Belinda offers a nurturing environment for teenagers to navigate their complex emotions and experiences.*Zoom Sessions for Accessibility:Acknowledging the demands of contemporary life, Belinda provides convenient and flexible Zoom sessions, ensuring access to her services from your preferred location.Connect with Belinda:Embark on a path to personal growth and well-being with Belinda's empathetic and customised counselling services. For appointments or additional information, please get in touch…


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