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Ben Burns

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I’m a registered Counsellor with a strong focus on men’s issues – supporting men through times of transitions, crises of meaning and mid-life issues. Men have particular struggles and experiences that I have gathered tools to help navigate and lighten. It may be over-stated, but I think it’s true that men struggle to reach out for help and tend to go it alone, but my experience is that challenges are much easier to face with a bit of support. The truth is, there are times in our life when things fall apart and we feel like we can’t hold it together any longer. It’s at these crunch times that we can deepen our experience of life.I reckon life is like a quest for hidden treasure – we travel a long way and spend a lot of time searching for something that we always had, right here within us. Counselling is a way of helping you find that hidden treasure. It’s not a bad way to explain how I can help – a treasure hunt – where we search together to find what is currently hidden.I surf, write poetry and play music. I also run men’s retreats and lead rites of passage programs for young men. It’s not easy to open up sometimes, but if you think you’re ready for a chat, give me a buzz.


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