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Bradley Hodges

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Since 2003 I have been engaged in formal tertiary studies, professional and therapeutic roles. I have passionately driven a journey of professional development throughout my career, developing my own unique framework by a combination of following leading psychotherapists at an international platform and empathetically connecting with, hearing and feeling the journey of all those I support. I am passionate about neuroscience and the insights it provides. In my practice I continually integrate developments in the field of neuroscience to deliver safe, compassionate, psycho-educational, healing interactions to all those I connect with.​Throughout my career I have supported thousands of children, young people and families. I attune with their expressions of pain, trauma, grief and loss, while delivering counselling, psychotherapy and psycho-education. Our therapeutic alliance allows for progress to make sense of their lives, support their healing journey (through integrating previously subconscious compartmentalised past experiences), develop more adaptive healthy coping strategies and expressive skills and an overall enrichment of their quality of life.Since 2015 I have expanded my experience into clinical roles supporting colleagues and practitioners working in complex trauma fields. Integrating neuroscience insights into both treatment planning, skill development and self-care domains.Go Neuro was founded to create a platform to share the knowledge I have acquired throughout my career with everyone. A place where people can learn why they think, feel & behave the way they do. Sharing programs filled with Knowledge to Empower Success through supporting people to live more conscious, healthy, fulfilling, meaningful & optimised lives.I hope you enjoy this journey into understanding yourself and humanity through applying neuroscience learnings to everyday life.


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