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Brenda Downing

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My individualised counselling and somatic therapy sessions aim at supporting change in order for women of all ages to lead more empowered, fulfilling, and creative lives. My approach is psychodynamic and person-centred, and is trauma and polyvagal theory informed. I position the therapeutic relationship as a creative collaboration in which I accompany and support clients along a pathway to greater self-awareness.My research and practice understands the complex and far-reaching impacts of trauma and recognises that a multitude of external factors can influence and severely impact women’s lives. I trust, however, that all women, when supported and encouraged, have the capacity for making changes to their psychological, emotional, and physical wellbeing, even if they might currently be feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable. Sessions offer a safe, non-judgemental space for women to explore and integrate troubling life experiences. The therapeutic process will tap into inner resources to build self-reliance, resilience, and help clients re-gain life balance. Counselling sessions are offered in Fremantle (Mondays) and Somatic Therapy sessions in Palmyra (Saturdays).




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