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Brendan Anderson

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Do you find yourself struggling with your mental health? Is your general day to day just missing something, but you are unsure how to address it? Do you feel you need some assistance coping with anxiety, depression or trauma? Do you feel that when you talk to your family they just don't quite understand what you are going through? I have a history of working with and helping clients aged between 14-60. I provide you with the knowledge and strategies to understand what is occurring and help you to move forward in a safe and confidential environment.   I believe in working together to strengthening your knowledge and understanding of why you have sought support, and developing strategies in moving forward.  It is important to understand that you are not alone, especially when it comes to working with me.  Your mental health is a road best travelled with someone who is genuine and here to help. You will be treated as a person and not as a label. It is for this reason that I want you to talk to me before you make a booking to ensure I am the right fit for you. 


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