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Brianna King

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Are you tired of only just surviving & ready to start thriving? Do you want to understand your inner experience – thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviours & why they are the way that they are? Are you ready to feel empowered in your life & relationships? Are you ready to do the inner work it takes to become more balanced, peaceful, secure & connected in life? I offer a counselling service Australia-wide that provides a safe space for you to uncover the root-cause of issues (trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addiction, grief & other recurring patterns, cycles & challenges), so that you can finally heal from the past & therefore transform your future. We don't have to stay stuck in loops.I believe healing & growth is not a destination, but a life long transformative journey. I will help you to build the knowledge, self-awareness & skills needed in order to continue your journey without me."Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life & you'll call it fate." – Carl Jung.


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