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Carissa Archibald

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Life can just feel overwhelming sometimes and finding clarity and a way forward seems impossible. If you need help with overcoming barriers and finding momentum towards a better way of feeling and living contact me. Working with me will help you to establish what really matters to you and create a way of living that honours your personal values.Your mind and your body hold the accumulated effect of life’s challenges and together we can find ways to peel off the layers and uncover your inner wisdom, to create your own better way of life. I bring an understanding of strategies that help sort through and peel off the layers, you bring an open mind, desire for a better way of life and your hidden wisdom (it’s OK to not believe in your inner wisdom right now, but it is there and with the right guidance you can find it).I work without labels and simply work on what does and doesn’t work for you, to help you achieve your goal of feeling better and living better.Strategies range from exploring and restructuring your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours to defusing the stress in your body and reconnecting with your true self. Establish what really matters to you and create a way of living that honours your personal values.I have a Bachelor in Counselling and am a qualified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher and coach. 



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