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Carl Holroyd

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Carl is a qualified counsellor, group facilitator, educator and community development consultant with more than 22 years’ experience. He has a solid understanding of cognitive behavioural, person centered and artistic counselling approaches along with the application of positive psychology strategies and demonstrates a high level of emotional maturity and assertiveness in working with clients in a confidential and respectful manner. Carl is experienced working with clients with differing sexual orientation and from a range of cultural and environmental backgrounds and works with individuals and organisations specialising in drug and alcohol counselling and related issues, self-esteem, wellbeing, mindfulness and personal understanding and development. His personal style is warm, non-judgemental, engaging, humorous and passionate and builds upon his significant academic qualifications in counselling, education and group facilitation. Carl is acknowledged in his field of expertise as an approachable, big picture thinker and problem solver, focussed on cognitive and experiential based approaches. He integrates these ideas into his every day world to help build and maintain work and life balance.Carl has worked in a range of government, public and private sector roles in addition to independent practice as a counsellor and facilitator. As such, he’s experienced in program delivery, conflict resolution, problem solving, stress management and managing change. Carl enjoys the intensity, challenges, self-reflection and learning associated with assisting people to instigate lasting change to improve their lives. He is fuelled by the opportunities possible within the human experience and understanding how we think, what we feel and why we behave as we do.




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