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Caroline Robinson

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Life can be challenging and overwhelming and you may feel
like you have no one to turn to or trust. Whether you are struggling with personal or couples’ relationship
issues, behavioural/habitual issues, loss and grief, stress, anxiety, work/social
anxiety, depression, have experienced trauma, struggling with PTSD.I am a qualified psychotherapist/counsellor with years of experience,
and I have my own personal life experiences which helps me to understand you
and whatever life issues you are struggling with.I believe that with investment in self-exploration, discovering
and making the right changes for you, you will forge a better future for yourself.

I am passionate about working with you as an individual, and
with couples struggling in their relationship, behavioural issues, and bereavement
as well as other issues already mentioned above. I am focused on working with
you to discover better ways forward for your future.



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