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Carolyn Drinkwater

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My services are worldwide over Zoom and I offer in-person sessions on Fridays at Totally Active Healing Centre, Long Jetty, NSW. I work with people to explore some of the multi-layered energies and currents at work in our lives and to enter into life's challenges with a greater sense of acceptance and purpose.I take a multi-disciplinary approach offering any combination of energy reading, energy work and holistic counselling for my clients.Having previously worked as a telephone (crisis) counsellor, psychic, group facilitator and in suicide prevention and community development, I am an experienced and compassionate practitioner who is able to support others on their path to healing.An intense spiritual awakening in 2012 has slowly led to me shifting focus to the metaphysical – supporting others through the expansive, transformative and sometimes frightening aspects of our human experience.If you're experiencing anything that has reached you at a deeper level in life, whether it be a visitation from a deceased loved one, a vision of the future, a soul connection, a near-death experience, feeling like you're not on the right path, strange energetic experiences, a feeling there's something you need to do or achieve in this life or anything you would struggle to tell others about, I might be the right practitioner for you.




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