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Catalina Arevalo

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Hi there :)I'm SO proud of you for starting (or continuing) your journey towards healing, closure and empowerment. Keep on the journey (even when it gets hard) and don't stop taking care of yourself. I'm passionate about many aspects of life and have worked with people as they navigated marriage challenges, infidelity, divorce, suicidal ideations, identity crisis and formation, trauma, grief and loss. I have observed that all our relationships and interactions with people; impact how we see others, how we see our world and most importantly- how we see ourselves.I've dedicated much of my professional work to journeying with adolescence and have witnessed the effects that childhood experiences have on the developing brain, the perceptions of life and an individual's self-worth. My integrative therapeutic approaches are tightly weaved with my credentials and the invaluable knowledge I have gained by walking alongside couples, parents, adults and adolescents as they have sought to unlock an abundant life.Divine Restoration- journeying with you. 


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