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My name is Caz Pringle-Bowden and I’m a certified counsellor, yoga teacher, and personal trainer that supports people with their emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. I provide accessible online counselling for people who have or are caring for another person – whether that be through terminal illness, old age, disability, mental illness or any other reason.As someone with lived experience of caring for two parents with terminal illnesses, and losing them both in my 30’s, I understand deeply the complex stressors that the caring role can place on our lives; health, home, relationships and work.Carers come in all shapes and sizes, both young and older, and the intricacies of the caring role are different depending on the relationship to the care recipient, and the uniqueness of their care needs. Alongside my own experience as a carer, I have worked as a carer support coordinator, a direct care worker in a child protection setting, and a counsellor in an equine-assisted counselling program in regional Victoria. As someone who gets it, I am here to support people as they navigate these sometimes very choppy waters!Caring for others both is a beautiful thing, but also a burden we are often not equipped or prepared for. I work with care givers to explore ways life as a carer can be a little easier.


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