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Cheryl Pereeia

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I am a compassionate and empathic therapist who focuses on a holistic approach to mental healthcare. By constantly upskilling within the industry and bringing a background of traditional wellness knowledge with me, I aim to be at the forefront of modern mental healthcare practices.Coming from an industry and jobs where clear communication was paramount, and learning early on that for flow to happen, it has tobe for the highest good of all, these are some of life's lessons I bring with me to my practice.It is my deepest desire to help others reach their highest potential, as I know peace and joy are not only possible, but your inheritance.Whereever you've been and whatever you have done so far, your entire life has brought you to this moment. Now is the time to burst forth into your greatness. Its never too late, infact you are better than you know. And it will be my absolute pleasure to help you do that.


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