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Chris (Xris) Reardon

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“We are so much more than we are told we are, think we are, and believe we are”.I am a queer and non-binary counsellor that centres a relational approach using narrative therapy practices that position the younger or older person I am relating to as the expert on, and of, their own life.My practice is grounded in an intersectional / systems approach / an anti-oppression lens that considers the many experiences of trauma and heart break that we encounter resulting from un-justice systems. In working with the person, family, community and through acknowledging the interrelatedness of body, mind and spirit, I seek to explore the meanings we make and the impacts of our personal stories on our lives and others, asking curious questions about the alternative and untold storylines (and pathways). I see human connection as critical to wellness and work to link lives in ways that honour who we are in a given moment in time.I use creative approaches (as part of my methods).I have an extensive history of  working with LGBTIQ+ young people, families, schools and communities and specialize in working around affirmation planning through creating a gender affirmation plan that I designed whilst working at Working It Out as the Safe Schools Project Officer and latter LGBTIQ+ schools Inclusion Coordinator.  I also run Professional Learning for educators, social workers, and psychologists on cultural safety. I also use Theatre of the Oppressed techniques in working with professionals (an embodied practice).I work in situ in Victoria and Tasmania and online anywhere.  

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