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Christina Pennell

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“Experienced Mental Health Professional Dedicated to Empowering Lives”With over 6 years of dedicated service in mental health care, I bring a compassionate and mature approach to supporting individuals with diverse needs. My expertise lies in establishing trusting relationships with clients from various backgrounds and lifestyles, fostering an environment where they feel safe and understood.My professional journey has led me through a broad spectrum of areas within mental health, including depression, anxiety, student support, dementia care for the elderly, online telehealth counseling, and art psychotherapy. I have also provided valuable assistance in relationship support, gender identity exploration, LGBT+ issues, suicide prevention, women’s health, AOD, and domestic violence interventions.I pride myself on my ability to maintain a friendly and empathetic demeanor, even in challenging situations, consistently achieving positive outcomes for my clients. With a proven track record of effective results, I am committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those I serve. Let’s connect and explore how we can collaborate to empower individuals and promote mental well-being together.


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