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Claire Dicarlo

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Counsellor for ParentsAs parents, we're pressured to have perfect families and bombarded with advice on how to raise our kids. But so many of us are struggling with little support – we usually don't have the 'village' people speak of. It’s no wonder we end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed instead of enjoying family life. If you feel exhausted, anxious or angry, or you feel guilty that you're not the parent you want to be – you are not alone. So many parents tell me they wish they'd enjoyed the early years more. I don't want you to have those regrets.I've worked with hundreds of parents struggling in silence. It can be hard to ask for help, but you deserve to have someone in your corner during one of the most challenging, transformative periods of your life. Through compassionate counselling, you can stop doubting yourself and start feeling calmer – because someone is holding your hand through this time.We often hesitate to seek support, thinking we shouldn't need it. I know, because this was me too. But now? I say that getting support during one of the hardest periods in our lives is not only a strength – it's a necessity. You spend so much time caring for others – you deserve to be cared for too. Visit my website or email to book an appointment with me.


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