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Clarissa Martinez

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Hello you may have arrived here in search of support and clarity or to understand some issues that may have had a profound impact within your life. If you are looking for support and guidance through a challenging situation or you’re just ready to move into a new direction in your life I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. I predominantly work one on one with adults at my practice located in Brighton, The services I provide is an integrative mixture of Kinesiology, Counselling and Neurofeedback therapy.  I began my professional life working in a Neurofeedback EEG brain training clinic over 15 years ago. I then came across Kinesiology, a central component to my practice. Kinesiology works primarily in clearing blocked energy and sabotages via accessing the subconscious mind which addresses the ‘root’ core issues outside of our awareness.  I have always believed that the human body is a powerful tool and is the first point of contact in understanding who we are and in a safe environment we can reconnect with our innate ability to self-heal. If you feel I am the right fit for you I look forward to working with you and facilitating change, I wish you all the best in your healing journey.



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