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Daisy Constantine

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Daisy Constantine is a dedicated counsellor specialising in a wide range of mental health services, including anger management, anxiety, depression, disability support, PTSD, NDIS, and youth counselling. With a deep commitment to supporting individuals in their journey towards mental well-being, Daisy combines empathy with evidence-based therapeutic approaches to empower her clients.Daisy’s expertise extends to working with diverse groups, including adolescents and young adults, providing tailored support to address their unique emotional and psychological needs. She is particularly skilled in helping clients navigate challenges related to anger, anxiety, depression, and disabilities, offering practical strategies and emotional support to foster resilience and personal growth.Daisy Constantine adheres to the highest ethical standards and continually engages in professional development to stay aware of emerging therapeutic techniques and best practices. She is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where individuals can explore their emotions, develop coping skills, and achieve their therapeutic goals.Outside of counselling, Daisy is passionate about mental health advocacy and community engagement, actively contributing to initiatives aimed at assisting homelessness and promoting mental wellness.


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