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About Damian Laidler, Managing Director I am a Level 3 supervised member of the Australian Counsellors Association, the largest group of independent therapists in Australia, who provide peer group supervision, advice, and support to ensure the highest levels of professional practice and knowledge are shared. I am supervised every month to ensure I am counselling to the highest standards of practice.  I built up my expertise in dealing with hi-needs individuals while I was the school counsellor at NG Central school on the central coast. After providing outstanding results with the children, several of the student’s parents requested that I continue working with their young ones once they completed their year twelve certificates. I now have a base to grow the business into a stable long-term proposition. I have developed a network of referrers, such as Life Without Barriers, Central Coast Primary Care (CCPC), and several smaller practice in the disability sector. I also support clients through Revenue NSW, sponsoring clients with mental health issues by establishing Work Development Disorders to pay off their fines.For the past five years, I have specialised in counselling youth and young people with various mental health conditions such as ASD/Asperger’s, ADHD, ODD, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. This has been broadened to include cancer patients and the elderly with mental health disabilities. Professional DevelopmentContinual professional development is an essential part of my work. I am an enrolled member of the Mental Health Academy and PESI, Inc., which offers continuing education programs that provide professional development opportunities that keep me current with the latest evidence-based client solutions.QualificationsBachelor of Counselling ADHD specialisationB Counselling, ADHD-CCSP, CCATP  Counselling Application⦁          Individual Therapy⦁          Couples counselling⦁          Relationship counselling⦁          Grief and Loss.  My clinical approachI work with clients on a Trauma-informed basis using client-centred techniques as the basis for therapy. This means I am focused on the client in a non-judgmental fashion with absolute positive regard. In my practice, I now work with adults of all ages, children, and young people. During an initial session, I am focused on building a robust therapeutic alliance which I have found to be an essential part of my work as a counsellor. Setting goals for counselling is an integral part of the process.  We will review these from session two onwards.  A need to complete homework, such as journaling, may be needed to understand the triggers that exacerbate the problem. 


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