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Damien Wilson

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I have been collecting the tools of a counsellor and bodyworker/ massage therapist for 15 years. Supporting people navigate through questions of identity, anxiety, depression, shame based trauma, drug and alcohol dependencies, complex family systems and complex personal challenges.I have extensive experience within the context of LGBTIQ+ challenges. Over the years I have worked in two therapeutic community rehab facilities for a period of four years in case management and counselling clients through six, nine and twelve month sobriety journeys. Most recently My experience within a NSW school context as a school wellbeing advocate has placed me well for work with young people, adolescents and family units, collaborating with the principal in piloting and implementing a wellbeing culture and curriculum.My counselling clients have often told me that they feel heard and that I help them feel comfortable in a judgement-free environment.Some of my tools include Trauma Informed Sandplay Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy,, CBT, Massage/ Transpersonal bodywork, Zen Thai Shiatsu and process oriented group therapy sessions within a therapeutic community model and retreat style context.I do not profess to be an expert of anyones life, rather a humble servant to the years of service, listening and walking alongside people as they traverse personal and at times complex life situations, interpersonal relations and individual internal conflicts.If you’d like to explore whether we could work together please reach out. I’d be happy to do a free 15 min chat to determine if I’m the right person for you.I am available for face to face counselling sessions in Tenterfield on Mondays 10-3pm and Fridays 11am-3pm.Some of my other interests and passions are swimming in ocean/ river teal waters of the world, swimming alongside giant loggerhead turtles and conquering my fear of sharks.. Climbing mountains and exploring vast landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, gardening & learning to play musical instruments, singing and growing and harvesting my own food. 



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