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Daniel Hackett

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I currently work as a registered NDIS Counsellor with Harper Psychology providing individual and group counselling and Behaviour Management for NDIS participants and private clients, and have done since early 2018.After working for several years across the emergency youth and disability support sector, including with clients who have ASD with high and complex needs and Intellectual Developmental Disorder, I become very interested in focusing my skills and learning on ASD development and support. I have a Bachelor of Human Services with a counselling major, and am a practicing counsellor. Currently, I provide ongoing and continuous counselling and therapeutic services to young people who have been removed from home due to unsafe conditions requires allied health support. My role is to liaise with FSA social workers, DSA workers, educators, care providers, and health professionals to maintain consistency in support for clients by working with clients to understand the different support measures, and how they connected to reach person centred outcomes. I would then feedback to service providers, updated and ongoing evaluation of the client’s response to support. On several occasions, this resulted in a more streamlined approach to client needs, ultimately reducing violent and destructive behaviours, which enabled them to achieve healing and recovery in regards to their mental health. I am competent and qualified in person focused therapies like CBT, CPT and Narrative. I find ABA approach very successful in the work I do currently, and would like to develop my learning and acknowledged competencies with ABA therapy. Using my counselling background, management skills, and compassionate disposition, I can create engaging and productive working relationships with ASD client families, and can ensure implementation of prescribed behaviour intervention plans so that the families involved are enthusiastic about achieving positive outcomes.



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