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Darlene Refalo

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 Darlene (Darcee) is a generalist Counsellor that uses  Solution Focussed Therapy to assit others in navigating thier life to a fullfilling and purposeful space and developing healthy authentic valued relationships with a special interest in LGBTIQH+Now and then we might need to have support to consider our life's direction. Taking the time to recalibrate, explore and understand what strengths you have can be achieved in a supportive and non judgemental environment.Developng trust with a therapist, is a nurtured journey that is repected through gaining an understanding of your true authentic self. Making decisions are sometimes difficult, I respect that everyone is unique and your journey is not like anyone else.  I am a workplace  traininer & facilitator Cet 1V TAEAd Dip Business Management & LeadershipAd Dip Counselling (ACA) & Prelininary Financial Counsellor Mental Health First Aid Accredited (MHFA) Special Interest LGBTIQ+    



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